Full of Giveaways

wow,,,this month is full of giveaways... i love it...
the first giveaway from Cheon-Hwa (RASPBERRY JAM)
This is her first giveway and will end at June 4th
if you want to join this giveaway you can visit HERE
and the second giveaway from Jane

you can join this giveaway HERE and it will end at May 25th

the third giveaway from Mary

she gifts this giveaway because she wants to share her love with everyone...
if you want this,,, you can visit HERE and it will ends at May 14th

the fourth giveaway from Rose who lives in Adelaide

and it will end at May 12th and you can join HERE

and this is from Beauty Vibes

this giveaway will end at May 21st so let's join this giveaway HERE


  1. emang kalo join bisa dapet juga ya?

  2. wooooww, giveaway?? I also like it, thanks for the info Riest, :D

  3. kalo menang buat apa yaaa ngga dandan aku mbak

  4. salam sobat
    siip banget dan natural nich warnanya mba,,saya suka.
    apa kabar mba?
    maaf lama tidak berkunjung kesini.

  5. dermawan sekali yang bikin tuh giveaway
    banyak banget yang mau di give


thanks 4 coming